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    FOUR PAWS activists occupy fur farm in 1990



    Our successes year by year 

    Beginning as a small group of passionate and driven individuals, FOUR PAWS has grown to have a impact on countless animals across the world. Every year we enjoy taking a look back on what has been achieved, and its quite something. 

    Year by year, FOUR PAWS continues to get stronger and stronger, making the world a better place for animals around the globe. 

    This is all thanks to our amazing supporters! Without you, all this would not be possible. Here are to the many successful years ahead of us!


    The FOUR PAWS year 2019 in review

    In 2019, along with many achievements for animals around the globe, we succeeded our biggest mission to date where 47 animals were rescued from war-torn Gaza.


    The FOUR PAWS year 2018 in review

    2018 saw the opening of our ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL and the closure and saviour of animals from "Europe's Worst Zoo", plus much much more. 


    The FOUR PAWS year 2017 in review

    Watch the animals saved from horrendous conditions in Allepo and Mosul take their first steps to freedom, as well as numerous more animals arrive in our sanctuaries in 2017.


    The FOUR PAWS year 2016 in review

    In 2016, after a life as a prisoner, Jeta the selfie bear's chains were cut free, as well as the many other animals are given sanctuary from their suffering at last.   


    The FOUR PAWS year 2015 in review

    Spread over 5 continents, thousands of lives of animals were changed for the better in 2015. From zoos to the streets, we gave animals a voice. 

    Two wild horses eating long grass

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