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    Now is the time to act! Demand higher animal welfare today!

    With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are experiencing a very challenging time in our lives.

    We have to see the impact of humans on animals and the environment, and consequently, the impact this has for humans themselves. It is now time to take the COVID-19 global crisis as a starting point to reset the system.

    Together, we can make a change and create a place where animals, the environment and people are treated better. Let us use this crisis to break up outdated systems and demand necessary changes.

    Join us in our demands:

    • Ending factory farming, cage keeping of farm animals and horses, long-distance live animal transports and all practices that make animals sick or favour the spreading of diseases, to stop the unnecessary suffering of farm animals, the destruction of the environment, loss of biodiversity and protect human health.
    • Reducing global production and consumption of animal products 50% by 2050 to encourage consumers to choose plant-based alternatives to combat the climate crisis and safeguard animal welfare. Remaining animal products should originate from higher welfare production systems and the methods used for their production should be transparent in order to allow consumers to make informed choices.
    • Ending all agricultural subsidies that harm animals and the environment. Support climate-friendly and higher-welfare farmers and production systems. Help consumers to drive change.
    • Ensuring that trade agreements only allow commercial exchanges that don’t have negative impact on humans, animals and the environment.
    • Ending the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat in Asia to stop the immense cruelty and help eradicate zoonoses and disease transmissions such as rabies and cholera.
    • Regulating the online pet trade and improving traceability of companion animals through mandatory Identification (microchipping) and Registration, in order to protect millions of animals and prevent future potential transmissions of zoonotic diseases.
    • Reducing stray animal suffering through responsible pet ownership education, shelter adoption and sustainable and humane stray animal population management.
    • Banning the trade of wild animals for private keeping, human consumption as well as use in traditional medicines and immediately closing all markets that sell live wild animals to not only protect animals and ecosystems but help prevent future pandemics that arise from zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19, SARS, MeRs, HIV and Ebola.
    • Stopping fur farming to end the millionfold suffering of wild animals and prevent the emerge and spread of zoonoses.
    • Prohibiting the exploitation of wild animals for entertainment purposes because traveling with a variety of animal species, public appearances and frequent direct contact entail an increased risk of spreading zoonoses and cause animal suffering.

    Join the movement for a world of higher animal welfare! 

    Sign Now!

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