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    help for horses

    Equines (horses, donkeys, zebras) belong to a diverse species that has accompanied humans for thousands of years. They roam the plains as wild or feral animals, as farm animals they pull or carry loads or are consumed for their meat, while other equines work in the tourism industry or are used for sport.

    We aim to improve the health and living conditions of equines in various environments and industries through projects, awareness campaigns and strong partnerships.

    Help for working horses in Petra

    Help for Working Horses in Petra

    Support the horses in Petra

    Wildpferde im rum?nischen Donaudelta

    Help for Wild Horses in Romania

    Our birth control programme is helping horses in Romania

    Arbeitspferde (c) VIER PFOTEN | ARCA | Kuki Barbuceanu

    Working Horses in Romania

    Nobody seems to care about the working horses in Romania - we are changing that!


    SUpport our Work  for horses

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