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    help for big cats

    FOUR PAWS believes that big cats should not be kept as pets or for entertainment, as these wild animals suffer in captivity under inadequate keeping conditions including lack of expert care, frequent travelling, training and intensive interaction with humans. Unfortunately, thousands of big cats still live under very poor conditions in circuses, zoos and private ownership. Uncontrolled breeding causes ‘surplus’ animals that either end up dead or (illegally) traded to unsuitable places.
    FOUR PAWS calls for the improvement of legal standards regarding keeping conditions in certified zoological facilities and sanctuaries and demands a ban on other forms of captivity. Devising solutions for unwanted and illegally kept big cats plays a crucial role in our work. Our big cat sanctuaries and centres offer rescued big cats a species-appropriate home.

    cub petting

    Big Cats on Breeding Farms

    The truth behind the tourist attraction of cuddling and walking with a lion cub

    Lion in South Africa

    Trophy Hunting is the Killing of an Animal for Sport or Pleasure

    Why lions are born to be killed in South Africa 

    tamer and tiger

    Wild Animals in Circuses

    Animal suffering on tour

    two lions

    Big cats in zoos

    Problem zone - eastern Europe



    It’s closer than you think! 


    Learn More About Big Cats

    Lion Facts

    How much do you know about this powerful feline predator?

    Lion Ivan-Asen in FELDIA 2018

    Rescue Ivan-Asen

    Rescued from a zoo in Bulgaria and brought to our Big Cat Centre FELIDA

    Lion Lenci in FELIDA

    Rescue Lenci

    This lion is a true fighter: his story from 'Europe's worst zoo' to a happy life

    Tiger Caruso

    Rescue Caruso

    As you know, this beautiful tiger moved from our FELIDA Big Cat Centre to LIONSROCK in March 2019

    Lion at LIONSROCK

    Rescue Motan and Pisa

    Motan and Pisa have settled in incredibly well at our project LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge! 

    Lion Bobby in FELIDA

    Rescue Bobby

    Lion Bobby is settled and relaxed at his home in our FELIDA Big Cat Centre. 


    Visit our Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK

    in South Africa