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    Farm animals

    FOUR PAWS has been working for decades to improve conditions in relation to the breeding, transport and slaughter of so-called farm animals such as cattle, ducks, poultry, pigs and sheep. Each year, billions of farm animals die after a short life in a terrible environment.
    Our international campaigns have successfully initiated a transition towards animal-friendlier down production in the textile and bedding industry. One of FOUR PAWS' long-term goals is to achieve a ban on keeping laying hens in cages.

    A few years ago, FOUR PAWS initiated an animal welfare labelling scheme to provide consumers of animal products with details on breeding, transport and slaughter. Our aim is to help consumers make informed decisions and to support alternative, animal-friendlier production. 

    FOur Paws Work

    TSK laying hens


    Represents the best practice in farm animal welfare

    Chickens in cage

    End the Cage Age

    Countless animals in Europe have to spend their lives in cages. Sign up to join the community for a cage-free world!

    Foie Gras Production in Bulgaria

    Foie Gras

    The dark side of a delicacy


    Live Feather Plucking

    Live feather plucking harms animals


    Hidden Cage Eggs in Processed Food

    Hens still suffer in narrow cages

    Sheep for wool production

    Sheep Wool

    Painful mutilations – the bloody business of sheep wool production

    Dairy cows being milked

    Milk Madness: The Torment of Dairy Cows

    What suffering is behind your daily glass of milk?

    Cattle in the stable in Germany

    The Life of Beef Cattle

    Roast beef and veal schnitzel: The cruelty behind farming of cattle fattened for meat

    Veal calf

    The Suffering of Calves

    A distressing and sad youth for the by-products of the meat and dairy industry

    Buffalo calves suffer from extreme cruelty

    Buffalo mozzarella: a premium product with hidden cruelty

    Recent FOUR PAWS investigation shows still dreadful conditions on Italian farms

    Rabbit farm in Hungary

    Farmed Rabbits

    Learn more about how rabbits suffer in cages to end up on a plate


    mutilation of farm animals

    Why is so much surgery carried out without anaesthesia?

    read more

    Age of Farm Animals

    How old would a cow, a pig or a hen get to be if the animals were not slaughtered?

    Make a change!

    Our food choices

    has a direct impact on the lives of animals

    Find out more

    Worth knowing

    Interesting and surprising facts about so-called 'farm animals'

    A flock of sheep

    10 Facts about Sheep

    Did you know, that sheep are very gentle animals?

    Goat enjoying eating the vegetables

    10 Facts about Goats

    What do you know about these animals?


    10 Facts about Pigs

    Did you know that pigs like to cuddle?


    10 Facts About Chickens

    There's a lot more to chickens than being simple egg and meat suppliers 

    Dairy cow

    10 Facts about Dairy Cattle

    Interesting and surprising facts about cows


    10 Facts about Ducks

    Did you know that all ducks have highly waterproof feathers?


    10 Facts about Geese

    Did you know that geese are good "guard dogs"?

    Free range pigs enjoying the mud

    A Natural Day in the Life of a Pig

    Rooting, rolling, wallowing – how pigs would like to live