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    Disaster relief for animals

    Once disaster strikes, things need to happen fast – our trained team assists through direct animal rescue, the provision of public health services and the protection of livelihoods with animals.

    Our work and Missions

    We are prepared to help, if a hurricane hits, a volcano erupt, earthquakes happens, a cyclone strikes! 


    International Impact with Strong Partnerships

    FOUR PAWS has been an active cooperation partner of the Blue Cross of India (BCI) for almost 10 years. Thanks to our cooperation we rescue about 17,000 animals a year in India, which is more than 46 animals a day! Reade more here!

    Helping animals following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico

    Hurricane season in the midst of a pandemic 

    As Hurricane season begins in the Atlantic Basin, forecasters warn of 2020 being an above-average storm season. Preparation is key for both communities and animals. Find out more

    Our mission in the Philippines

    Disaster Relief in the Philippines

    The Taal Volcano erupted on Luzon Island, also home to the capital Manila. Many animals could not escape the big amounts of ash. FOUR PAWS provided relief with our Partner AKF.  We were there to help – read more!

    Wombat sitting in a field

    Animal Disaster Relief in Australia

    Over 10 million hectares of land has burned right across Australia, that’s the equivalent size of a number of European countries. Bushfires and heat stress events present a grave and growing threat to animals, particularly Australia’s wildlife. FOUR PAWS supported local animal groups. Read more about our mission.

    Animal Disaster Relief in Romania

    In late November, the heartbreaking news broke that a cargo ship carrying over 14,000 sheep overturned. The crew was safely evacuated, but thousands of sheep died. Only some were expected to be alive and suffering. Our partner ARCA (Animal Rescue and Care Association) was able to go on board the vessel to save as many sheep as possible. In the end we had 180 survivors. FOUR PAWS is now taking care of them. Read the story of sheep trapped inside a capsized ship.

    Cow receiving food after Cyclone Fani

    Animal Disaster Relief in India

    Cyclone Fani hit India very hard. The Indian government had done an amazing job of evacuating its citizens, but many animals had to be left behind and suffering. FOUR PAWS was able to get access to remote and hard-to-reach areas and provide veterinary care and assist injured animals! Read more about our mission in India.

    Team on mission

    Animal Disaster Relief in Indonesia

    The Indonesian islands around Lombok were struck by multiple earthquakes that left communities and animals in urgent need. FOUR PAWS provide aid for cats, dogs and horses that were left behind once the inhabitants had to flee their destroyed homes. Read more here!

    Team on mission

    Animal Disaster Relief in USA

    Hurricane 'Michael' devastated the Panhandle. FOUR PAWS supported the hurricane response in the Gulf coast region in the US. Rescueing animals from collapsed homes, providing emergency food and supporting the reunification of pets with their owners.

    Animal Disaster Relief on Americans East Coast

    The American East Coast was hit hard by Hurricane 'Florence', forcing thousands to leave their homes and their animals behind. FOUR PAWS provided support for the affected communities. We were there and helped - read more about this mission.

    Team on mission in South Africa

    Animal Disaster Relief in South Africa

    The Cape Town area expirenced a massive drought. FOUR PAWS provided expertise and support to local emergency management for the inclusion of animals during this crisis. Read more here!

    Our team on mission in Grecce

    Animal Disaster Relief in Greece

    Wildfires burned rapidely through villages near Athens. Beside the human lost, they left death and injured animals behind. FOUR PAWS assesed the areas and consulted local groups in their relief efforts. 

    Vet Jackson with a dog after hurricane Maria

    Animal Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico

    Hurricane 'Maria' devastated Puerto Rico very badly and lead to a big crisis. FOUR PAWS managed to bring in two tons of dry food for dogs and cats, together with our emergency response team. Our team distributed the food especially in isolated areas and treated over 580 sick and injured dogs and cats. Read more why the state of emergency made the mission more difficult.

    Team on mission

    Animal Disaster Relief in Italy

    Late 2016 and early 2017 heavy earthquakes impacted the region of Perugia, Amatrice and Abruzzo. As the situation needed long term help, FOUR PAWS joined our partner LAV to participate in their cat project in Cittareale.

    2016 and before
    Y′our Team in Chennai, 2015

    FOUR PAWS has a long track record of helping animals in disasters

    From storms and massive floods to a train accident that destroyed a rural community, our team traveled many times to help the animals affected by disasters.
    Over the years we helped in India, Serbia-Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Sri Lanka, Kosovo and many more. A big thank you to our supporters enabling us to jump where it is needed most.

    Read more about our Missions

    Blog Posts, Press Releases, Rescue Stories

    A dog seeks shelter on top of a pile of rubble during the Serbian floods

    Help When Disaster Strikes

    Our Disaster Relief Unit are on call to help animals in disasters

    Rescued sheep arrive at new home

    FOUR PAWS provides new home for sheep rescued from capsized ship in Romania

    180 sheep out of 14,000 survived due to tireless rescue efforts


    After ship accident: Romania plans to suspend live exports to third countries

    FOUR PAWS continues to fight for safe shelter for surviving sheep 


    The race against time: 228 sheep already rescued from capsized ship in Romania

    FOUR PAWS’ partner drilled holes in ship's side – rescue mission continues today


    Why we are celebrating International Disaster Risk Reduction Day

    FOUR PAWS is providing assistance in crisis situations all over the world


    What would life be without water?

    Cape Town is bracing itself for Day Zero


    Last Day on Lombok

    Looking back on our 15 day mission in Indonesia


    Lombok's lost paradise

    Our dangerous mission to the Indonesian islands struck by earthquakes that left hundreds of animals in urgent need

    Are you prepared?

    Disasters and your pets

    Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?

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