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    Animal Welfare and COVID-19

    What you need to know and what can you do?
    Please find below all content about the coronavirus.

    Cat at home

    Emergency Plan for Pet Owners due COVID-19

    What happens to my pet if I am ill or need to go into self-isolation?

    Dogs in Speranta Shelter

    A Pet is Not Just for Lockdown!

    FOUR PAWS' Guide for Animal Lovers

    Scared dog

    The Impact of Lockdown on Domestic Violence

    FOUR PAWS' Guide for Animal Lovers

    Mink at a fur farm

    COVID-19 detected on Dutch mink farms

    FOUR PAWS demands ban on fur farms

    Dog at home

    Pets and life after COVID-19 lockdown

    FOUR PAWS advises how to prepare pets for a normal routine again

    Stray animal care in Romania

    COVID-19 and Stray Animals

    What a pandemic means for stray cats and dogs

    FOUR PAWS offers advice on fostering and adoption

    Coronavirus lockdown: The perfect time to get a pet?

    FOUR PAWS offers advice on fostering and adoption


    COVID-19: NGOs call on World Health Organisation to help stop next pandemic

    Ban on global wildlife markets could prevent such health crises in the future

    Dog and cat meat trade in the time of the COVID-19 epidemic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    While China bans dog and cat meat, trade in Southeast Asia is thriving

    FOUR PAWS reveals new dog and cat meat trend amongst global pandemic

    Orangatan in Care of FOUR PAWS

    FOUR PAWS ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL prepares for emergencies

    Coronavirus might endanger the great apes 

    Pet cat sleeping

    10 Things You Can Do for the Animals and Yourself Now

    You can prove love for animals even in difficult times

    Live animal transport

    Endless waiting times and cruel circumstances at borders

    Live animal transports during coronavirus situation

    Fox at TIERART

    We Love to Entertain You! #ClickAndLearn

    Since most of us have to stay at home, make yourself comfortable and have fun!

    Dog laying in the sun at home

    #Stay At Home Challenge

    Pets also have an important function in the home office

    Happy Bear

    Measures in times of corona

    We are well prepared and care for our animals

    Dog at Home

    Q&As: Pets and Coronavirus

    Information for Pet Owner

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    Lion in LIONSROCK

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