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    Bear sanctuary mueritz


    The biggest bear sanctuary in Western Europe

    FOUR PAWS has managed the BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz in the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District from 2006. Today, 15 brown bears rescued from captivity in conditions unsuited to this wild animal live in a natural forest on the 16-hectare territory. At the BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz, we have created a near-natural habitat for abused bears. Here, they can rediscover and act out their natural instincts after a life in imprisonment. Whether roaming through the woods, splashing about in the ponds or digging caves – there are plenty of activities for each bear at the BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz. 

    visit BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are only open during the weekends until further notice.

     If you plan to visit, please check this page back regularly, as we will update if the sanctuary will close to the public.

    November to March: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    FOUR PAWS maintains a basic principle in all its bear sanctuaries: minimal contact between humans and animals. Other than in zoos, these animals are not on display. The bears can move around freely in their spacious enclosures and decide if they want to be seen by visitors or not. The bears' daily routine mustn't be disrupted by the visits.

    Like in the wild, our bears spend most of their day looking for food. Our animal care staff supports them in their search by hiding treats like apples, nuts and vegetables inside the enclosure. We also make sure that the bears are regularly occupied – this is known as 'enrichment'. These games help to develop the animals' intelligence and prevent boredom.  

    Find out more at the BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz website: www.baerenwald-mueritz.de/en

    B?RENWALD Müritz gGmbH
    Am B?renwald 1
    17209 Stuer - Germany
    Tel.: +49 39924 791-18
    Fax: +49 39924 796-19
    E-Mail: info@baerenwald-mueritz.de

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    for our rescued bears at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz!


    Luna's long journey to a better life

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