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    Pet mice

    The 'pet mouse' is the domesticated form of the house mouse. They are often regarded as easy 'beginner pets' for children – but careful! They are no easy pets! The keeping of these active creatures as pets requires extensive knowledge to avoid inappropriate handling and ensuring a long and healthy life.

    Worth knowing about Small animals

    Pet mice – 10 facts worth knowing

    10 Facts about Pet Mice

    They are the domesticated form of the house mouse and belong to a fascinating species

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    What we Are doing

    FOUR PAWS advocates the responsible handling of companion animlas

    Small but mighty - Fancy Mice

    Mice as Pets

    A pet mouse is great animal for people who like to observe

    Best design for a mice habitat

    How to Design a Habitat for Mice

    Mice are intelligent animals and need an engaging enclosure


    Healthy Nutrition for Your Pet Mice

    A balanced diet is important for every animal

    Most common illnesses in mice and how to prevent them

    Health Checklist for Mice

    Veterinary care for mice: Most common illnesses in mice and how to prevent them

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    Responsible Pet Ownership

    What you should know?


    How to adopt a pet

    If you have never adopted an animal from the shelter before, ask yourself a few questions: How does the adoption process work? How much time does it take? What are the costs?


    Are you Ready for a pet?