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    In nature, equines are cautious, sensible and highly aware mammals. They are also herd animals, who have friendships with other individuals.
     There are few true wild horse herds left in the world, but there are feral or semi-feral horse and pony populations, which are mostly wild with possible domesticated ancestry. Humans have domesticated and used horses to ‘work’ for us for generations, today much of this work has been replaced by machinery, but in some places horses, donkey and mules are a part of old culture or are needed as the only means of income in poorer countries. Sadly many suffer from poor conditions and lack of medical care. 

    All about horses and other equines

    Wild mares in Letea, Danube Delta

    Gallery Wild Horses

    Roaming free in the Romanian wilderness


    Where the wild horses live

    The Romanian wilderness in the Danube Delta is one of the few remaining places in Europe where wild horses can live free.

    Rescue Donkey Puica

    Rescue Puica

    Our partner organisation ARCA saved a donkey's life!

    Wild Horses in Romania

    10 Facts about Horses

    Interesting and surprising facts about horses — do you know how tall horses can get?



    FOUR PAWS is supporting to improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules in Romania and Jordan and the feral horse populations of the Danube Delta.

    Arbeitspferde (c) VIER PFOTEN | ARCA | Kuki Barbuceanu

    Working Horses in Romania

    Nobody seems to care about the working horses in Romania - we are changing that!

    Help for working horses in Petra

    Help for Working Horses in Petra

    Support the horses in Petra

    Wildpferde im rum?nischen Donaudelta

    Help for Wild Horses in Romania

    Our birth control programme is helping horses in Romania

    Help for horses

    help the wild horses of the Danube Delta

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