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    In our society, dogs are considered members of the family, we affectionately call them man's best friend and value them for their superb sense of smell. Some even have a job – for example, as rescue dogs or guide dogs for the blind. It is our duty as human beings to keep dogs in accordance with the needs of their species.

    In many countries, a dog's life looks completey different: hundreds of thousands of stray dogs live on the streets – many are ill, injured or undernourished. They are often killed as parasites, and in some places dog meat even appears on the human menu. 

    Worth knowing about dogs

    10 Facts about Dogs

    Surprising facts about “man’s best friend” 


    Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI)

    Rescuing stray dogs to become therapy dogs

    Dog hiding

    Cruelty to Animals



    the beauty of adoption

    It’s a way of giving a loving new home to a shelter animal


    Pain in Pets

    What your pet feels, and how to understand the warning signs


    what we Are doing

    FOUR PAWS advocates the responsible handling of dogs and supports dog owners with helpful advice and educational programmes. We are also tirelessly working to help stray dogs worldwide.    

    Cat and his owner

    Responsible Pet Ownership

    What you should know?


    THE four paws GUIDE

    Responsible pet ownership


    Stolen. Killed. Eaten.

    End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade! #ProtectMillions


    The Illegal Puppy Trade

    The cruelty behind puppy farming


    Stray Animals

    Worldwide projects to help stray dogs and cats 

    Read more