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    big cats

    After the tiger, the lion is the second-largest cat and are the only representatives of this family to live and hunt in a pack. Tigers, on the other hand, are usually solitary. Their striking striped markings make them unique – and provide surprisingly perfect camouflage in the undergrowth.    

    FOUR PAWS is committed to helping lions, tigers and other big cats worldwide. 

    Worth knowing about Big Cats

    Lion Facts

    How much do you know about this powerful feline predator?

    Fox at TIERART


    A nice way of environmental education!


    Animal Welfare and Tourism

    Selfies taken with bears in chains, on the back of an elephant or petting lion cubs. Animal welfare should not stop on holiday


    the suffering of big cats and what we are doing to end it

    FOUR PAWS is lobbying to alter legislation and achieve lasting change for the better. We also rescue lions and tigers kept in bad conditions in captivity.  


    It’s closer than you think! 

    Lion in South Africa

    Trophy Hunting is the Killing of an Animal for Sport or Pleasure

    Why lions are born to be killed in South Africa 

    cub petting

    Big Cats on Breeding Farms

    The truth behind the tourist attraction of cuddling and walking with a lion cub

    tamer and tiger

    Wild Animals in Circuses

    Animal suffering on tour

    two lions

    Big cats in zoos

    Problem zone - eastern Europe


    Help for Animals in Crisis

    The FOUR PAWS task force helps animals incrisis regions and disaster areas


    animal rescues

    FOUR PAWS helps animals under direct human influence

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    Find out more about

    the FOUR PAWS BIG CATS SANCTUARIES! Rescued big cats get a chance to live in an environment appropriate to their species. 

    Big Cat Centre FELIDA

    Big Cat Centre FELIDA

    Our FOUR PAWS rescue centre for big cats in the Netherlands

    Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK

    Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK

    Species appropriate home for more than 100 rescued animals in South Africa


    Big Cat Centre TIERART

    FOUR PAWS provides an animal-friendly sanctuary in Germany


    Picture GalLeries

    Here you can see our lions and tigers - happy and pleased in their new home

    Lions In Care of FOUR PAWS

    Images of the lions in our Big Cat SANCTUARIES LIONSROCK and FELIDA 


    Tigers in Care of FOUR PAWS

    Images of the tigers in our Big Cat SANCTUARIES LIONSROCK, TIERART and FELIDA 

    Spring Has Arrived at Our Sanctuaries

    Spring Has Arrived at Our Sanctuaries

    The sun is shining and the weather is sweet!

    Puma Tikam

    Gallery TIERART

    Our BIG CAT CENTER TIERART, in Germany, has many more beautiful animals that just big cats, its an animal-friendly haven.

    Tiger at LIONSROCK

    Help us create a better world for Big Cats!

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